Stéphane Bruckert

In my final year of a Masters in Computer Sciences.
I love to work with Continuous Integration and to code for web or mobiles.
Find my resume on LinkedIn or download the PDF.

Firstep iOS and Android app
Objective-C, iOS SDK, Cocoa, XCode
Shazam Scrobbler for OS X
Objective-C, XCode, OS X
Triple Doughnut Chart
Triple Doughnut Chart
Java, Swing, Eclipse, Java RMI
Forest Management Web app
PHP, Mamp, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, PHPStorm
Facebook Grade Notifier
Right hand, paintbrushes, creativity
Les Foulées de l'ENSICAEN
Leadership, organisation, motivation

Software development

  • Java (Swing, RMI)
  • Python, Ruby
  • C, C++, Qt, Objective-C
  • UML and design patterns

Web Development

  • PHP, HTML5 & CSS3
  • Django, Rails
  • Javascript & Ajax
  • CoffeeScript & jQuery

Software Quality

  • Build automation: Ant, Maven
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  • Unit tests: JUnit
  • Test automation: Selenium

Mobile development

  • iOS SDK: Cocoa
  • Android SDK
  •, Xcode & Eclipse

Data & Sources

  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Git, SVN, ClearCase

Systems & Network

  • Shell script (BASH, SH)
  • Mac OS X
  • CCNA 1
But my most important skill remains my willingness to adapt to new technologies and to learn new languages.

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